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Wholesale Accounts FAQ


Why am I not seeing wholesale prices?

If you have setup your wholesale account with us and received a confirmation that your wholesale account is active, you should be seeing wholesale prices (in red) after logging in. (Please register here if you have not done so)

First thing to check is if you have successfully logged in. Click the top right icon that looks like a person, it should lead you to your account page where you can see your account info and a history of orders. If it takes you to a login page instead, then it means you have not logged in.

I logged in but it is still asking me to log in again!

This happens sometimes, that means log in is not completed or registered. You may need to open up a new incognito window (Ctrl+Shift+N for Chrome browsers) and try again. Or you may try closing all the windows of the browser and restart the browser.

It may also be that the required Google reCAPTCHA test was not passed. This reCAPTCHA test is a requirement from Shopify to make the site more secure. After entering your username and password, you will see a test similar to image below:

Follow the instructions at the top and click "Verify".
If you have difficult passing the visual test, you can choose the "Headphone" icon at the bottom and do the audio test instead.

After passing the test, it should show you this below:

Check the box and you should then be logged in. You will see your account information page and the red discounted prices in our product catalogue.

If you are still having issues, please send an email to


Why is the checkout button not working?

If you are at your cart and have been clicking on the "checkout" button without getting a response, please check for yellow highlighted warnings. It should be right below the subtotal of your order, see image below:

This tells you that a requirement must be met before you can checkout. Please adjust the quantity of your items until all the requirements are met, then the button will function normally.


Should I choose a shipping method?

For wholesale orders, please do not choose any of the carrier methods, as we will give a more accurate estimate of the shipping charges after processing the order. 

If you require the order to be shipped to you, please choose the  Wholesale Customers option. If you are picking up from our warehouse, please choose the Pick up from our warehouse option.

Should I enter my credit card info for payment?

Please do not enter your credit card for wholesale orders. Choose any of the Wholesale payment options. We will call you for payment when the order is ready to ship.