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Jamie Sterritt








Jamie Sterritt - Wii Nagim Tts'uwingat, Gitksan Artist

Jamie Sterritt is a member of the Gitksan nation in the Skeena river area of northern British Columbia, now living in Kamloops with his daughters. His work is based on traditional northwest coast design, and is true to Gitksan art. He acquired his interest in the art from his father and uncles who are accomplished artists and craftsmen in their own right. Jamie is a member of the Kispiox wolf clan. His Gitksan name is Wii Nagim Tts'uwingat.


Collections by Jamie Sterritt

  • Jamie Sterritt Salmon Art Socks - Oscardo

    Jamie Sterritt Salmon Art Socks

    9818 SM
    $17.50 CAD

    Salmon Designed by Gitksan Native Artist Jamie Sterritt. According to legend, salmons are really people in fish form. The salmon people lived in th...

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    $17.50 CAD