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Today's tourists (international and domestic) are becoming ever more sophisticated, armed with vast sources of knowledge at their fingertips, these new "intellectual" tourists are looking differently at the souvenirs they buy, which as a result started to evolve from being just something that preserves memories of physical presence of the tourist at the places they are visiting, to a more of a cultural product that tells a story about the "human experience" of the people living at these places.

Throughout history, art has represented the different human experiences and cultures and therefore it is the best souvenir for this new breed of tourists.  

With our strong network of famous Native and Canadian artists at Oscardo, we deliver an exceptional cultural products to the tourist to choose from. The artist collections are at the center of our offerings, it displays different products carrying the same art, making a strong statement about the artist and the particular piece of art being displayed, and attracting a lot of attention in the store. It is proved once and again that, the better the display of the artist collection, the better the sales results and the relations with the end consumer. 


Jennifer Adomeit - Canadian Artist
Wade Stephen Baker - Mintle-e-da-us, Kwakiutl Artist
Rick Beaver, Ojibway Artist
Isaac Bignell, Cree Artist 
Benjamin Chee Chee, Ojibway Artist 
Lee Claremont, Mohawk Artist
Sue Coleman - Canadian Artist
Rande Cook - Galapa, Kwakwaka'w Artist
Andy Everson - Kwakwaka'wakw Artist
Richard Hunt, Kwakiutl Artist
Alex Janvier, Canadian Artist
Ruth Lund, Canadian Artist 
Maxine Noel - Ioyan Mani, Sioux Artist
Norval Morrisseau - Miskwaabik Animiiki, Ojibwa Artist
Dawn Oman, Yellowknives Dene Artist
Jessie Oonark, Keewatin Artist 
Bill Reid, Haida Artist 
Jamie Sterritt - Wii Nagim Tts'uwingat, Gitksan Artist
Cecil Youngfox - Ojibway Artist





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