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About Us

Oscardo is a leading souvenir and gift supplier featuring some of Canada’s most iconic Indigenous artwork. Since 1997, Oscardo has been an industry leader, paying royalties to 24 artists for every product sold and consulting the artists during development to ensure a beautiful product that fairly represents and promotes their artwork. Known for carrying quality items featuring top designs, Oscardo’s products are found in Indigenous-owned stores and wholesalers, boutiques, museums, public and private art galleries, National Parks and government organizations in every province across the country. 


Indigenous Ownership

Oscardo is part of the Arctic Beverages family. Arctic Beverages is owned by Athabasca Basin Development, Prince Albert Development Corp and Paskwayak Business Development Corporation, collectively representing 13 First Nations and four northern communities.


Arctic Beverages is the only Indigenous owned Pepsi Franchise in Canada. Starting as a Pepsi bottling company in Flin Flon, Manitoba over 85 years ago, Arctic Beverages has grown to service 2500+ customers across 45% of Canada, including many northern and remote areas, providing a one-stop shop for grocery, convenience, and wholesale retailers for a wide variety of premium consumer packaged goods. The company is entirely owned by Indigenous-owned entities Athabasca Basin Development, Prince Albert Development Corp, and Paskwayak Business Development, together representing ownership by 13 First Nations and four remote northern communities.

Athabasca Basin Development is an investment company owned by the seven Denesuline First Nations communities in Northern Saskatchewan. Investments include partial or complete ownership in construction, underground mining, industrial security, electrical, diamond drilling, logistics, cannabis, retail, road maintenance, aviation, IT and more. ABD has won numerous awards, including SaskBusiness Magazine’s 2014 Business of the Year, the Prospector and Developers Association of Canada’s innagural Skookum Jim award, and their CEO was named the Business Leader of the Year at the 2017 ABEX awards.


Prince Albert Development Corporation (PADC) is owned by the 12 First Nations of the Prince Albert Grand Council, representing Denesuline, Cree, and Dakota First Nations in northern Saskatchewan. The company manages the investments and pays out annual dividends to the shareholders. PADC has also created many jobs and training opportunities and works with the partners to increase participation in the economy. It has investments in six companies including Arctic Beverages, hospitality, retail, and agriculture equipment.


Paskwayak Business Development Corporation (PBDC) is owned by Opaskwayak First Nation (OCN) in Manitoba. PBDC’s main objectives are to pursue business, investment and economic development opportunities that will grow OCN’s wealth and help it provide quality social programs that support the community. PBDC has ownership in Arctic Beverages and runs the Kikiwak Inn and Conference Center as well as various local retail ventures.